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SoPro Protein Waters are infused with 20g of our unique and fully dissolved
whey / collagen protein blend, creating a refreshing experience without the chalky mouth feel of a typical protein drink. They contain zero artificial ingredients.

Taste the difference.


How much protein is in SoPro?
Every bottle delivers 20g of our unique and fully dissolved whey / collagen protein blend.  This offers a more complete protein than options with protein from just one source.

Does SoPro have that chalky texture?
No.  SoPro’s unique protein blend is fully dissolved, so there is no chalky texture or powdery residue to wash away after you drink it. Taste the difference.

Does SoPro contain any artificial ingredients?
No, SoPro is proud to have zero artificial ingredients.

How many calories are there in SoPro?
There are only 90 calories per 500ml bottle.  That’s a lot less than traditional protein bars and shakes, making SoPro a great option if you’re looking for ‘clean’ protein.

Just 90 calories from 20g protein and 8g carbs. How?
The only carbs in SoPro come from erythritol, but erythritol is a non impact carb.  That means it isn’t digestible by the body and so doesn’t carry the calories of what we would conventionally call a carbohydrate.  Therefore, SoPro has 'zero net carbs’.

What is meant by ‘net carbs’?
'Net carbs' are total carbs minus non-impact carbs - important for those counting.  Since the only carbohydrate content in SoPro comes from erythritol (a non impact carb) SoPro has zero net carbs.

Does SoPro contain any sugar?
SoPro is sugar free.  Instead, it is sweetened with stevia.

Does SoPro contain any fat?
There is no fat in SoPro.

When should I drink SoPro?
You can enjoy SoPro before or after a workout, as a healthy snack between meals or anytime you want 20g of high quality, clean protein.

Is SoPro suitable for diabetics?

Yes.  SoPro is sugar free and has a glycemic index of zero.

Is SoPro gluten-free?